Selasa, 23 November 2010

Location? Condition? Price? What do you think makes a home sell?

When I started my Real Estate journey way back when, I took a course in marketing from an old real estate professional. (everything is relative right?    he was probably 40 at the time.... lol.... )
We were all  young, energetic students; new licensees just waiting to get out there and make our mark on the real estate scene.  

He posed the question,  "What makes a home sell?"      (today, the question may be, "Why isn't my home selling?")

Blogs and news media everywhere seem to have the answer..... it maybe the recession, or the foreclosure situation; a lousy location; maybe poor condition......could be people just can't get financing..... ask around, it's interesting the answers you get.... I'll bet similar to the answers in that class 24 long years ago.

Our class was quick to answer...   We knew it was Location or Condition of the home!    

The old seasoned pro must of had a chuckle listening to us all as he shot us down!   ..... "Those aren't the answers", he said...."pure and simply put, it's price!"

"Consider this....   If you had a house smack in the middle of Route 495, would you find someone to pay you a dollar for it?"

Sure, all those other things matter.... and those are the things to take into consideration when pricing your home.... but even in this tight economic situation...  homes are still selling....  if priced right! 

Selling or Buying or just have a real estate related question.... call me....  508-494-9061

Let me put my 24 years of experience to work for you!   

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