Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

What's in a Box? QR Codes

Okay?   So what's with those black squiggly boxes you see popping up all over the place?  

Scan this code for Real Estate info!

I had no clue... but my go to promotions folks      Promotions-Etc.com 
explained to me that this is the wave of the future and explained to me just what QR codes were and how they were helpful to small business!

Basically they are something akin to a bar code scanner that we see in the supermarket.  Only this contains all kinds of information that someone wants to get to you quickly.      One would use their smart phone and scan the code.   Pretty instantaneously what ever info is encoded will show right up on your phone screen!

Hence the term quick response.    Used widely in Japan, we now see them popping up all over the place from coupons to Realtors signs and web sites.    You should see them anywhere someone needs and wants to get you information fast.

They can contain contact information just like a business card.    Scan and voila!   Instead of writing or typing out someones phone number and address it is magically added to your contacts... and that's just the beginning!

Have some fun!         Scan and see that you get description and tons of photos!

Please check out the folks at Promotions-Etc and SewMI Embroidery.    If it weren't for their expertise and knowledge, I would still be in the dark about these things  and..they are excellent if looking for promotional products or anything embroidery!    
If you are looking to Buy, Sell, Rent or Invest... please give me a call.

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