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Mrs. Home Seller Are you a Chatty Cathy?

I find that the guidelines in life are generally there for a reason.   For example, you are required to show identification when cashing a check, because some one has taken advantage of the system  or, there is a disclaimer on a hot cup of coffee that lets you know that the coffee is Hot!  :)    You know what I am talking about.

The suggestions your real estate agent makes are done so for a reason too!    

One of those suggestions will surely be...  when there is a showing on your home, leave!  
All too often, a Seller will feel the need to stay for showings, maybe to add information that they feel the buyer needs or because they are just uncomfortable with people being in there home when they are not there.  

This is what happened the other day when Mrs. Seller remained home.  

My Buyers are relocating to the area.  They are deciding among several communities and we were to look at a couple of homes in a particular town that were side by side on the end of a small, intimate cul de sac. 

Now, in this area, most of the agents use the lock box system, which allows a Buyer with their agent to view the property unaccompanied by the listing agent or seller.   (typically this is viewed as a good plan as it allows the buyers to really look through the home without feeling rushed or uncomfortable.)

We viewed a number of homes that day and there was one where Mrs. Seller decided to stay home.    She gave us permission to view the home and provided us with some information on the property.  And then she started!   Chatty Cathy!      She told us all about the neighbors.  She let us know that there were more folks leaving.    She told us of the folks (another home for sale) getting a divorce, and others leaving to get into a new school system.   She let us know that she was looking around in another town for a "smaller" home and the list goes on!   

Now let me tell you, that if my Buyers, did like the home, they now decided against that neighborhood and that entire town by what Mrs. Seller had to say!   

She sabotaged a possible sale of her own home by trying to be just nice!

So, please Mr. or Mrs. Seller.    Heed your agents suggestion on taking a walk!    We know you love your home, but, you don't want to inadvertently talk a Buyer out of it!

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