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A Valentine's Day Real Estate Love Story

A Valentine's Day Real Estate Love Story

It is Valentine's Day.   I was thinking of all the couples that I have found homes for and how happy there are/were in their new homes and how lucky I am that in most cases I have been a part of a very happy moment for many, many young couples.  

There are many stories to be told, but this is a really good one!

There was this amazing young couple that I had sold a home to when they were just married.   They were hard workers with good professional jobs.   The purchased a new home and were delighted and delightful to work with.   Even the builder though so.   

It was no surprise to me when they called me up to say that their family had grown and it was time to move up to a larger home.    We began the search and looked at many homes.   Their wants were specific as were their locational needs.

I knew exactly what they were looking for and after time the perfect home came on the market!

It was an expanded cape in a delightful neighborhood.  Homes set apart.   All a bit different but with distinctive characteristic of a well built custom New England development.    Hold the train!   There is always a catch, right?   Right.   This home was just outside of their desired area.    I knew, it wasn't too far from the commuter rail, but still..... 

I contacted them and said, "I have the perfect home!"   I told them where it was and they were hesitant.  Too far from the train, etc.    "Can you humor me?"  I asked them to drive by.   They did. 

....If this were video... this is where I would insert the sappy music.....

The Buyer called me and asked me to get them into the house pronto!!!!   

I did.  They bought it.   

Here is the real love story.....

Turns out... when they were first dating many moons ago... leisurely driving around as young lovers do, they fell upon this neighborhood.   The husband (then boyfriend), said to the gal... that is the house we are going to live in.    Yep...the very same house!    

That friends is my Valentine's Day true love story! 

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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