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Listing your Home? Teamwork, It's just common sense!

Listing your Home?  Teamwork,   It's just common sense!

Yesterday as I donned my hat (and hoodie) for it was pretty chilly out there, and laced up for my morning ritual of a trip around the track, I noticed a couple out there talking and laughing, just generally chatting it up.

Most of the time I like to go solo as it is always a good time to think without interruptions, but watching these two got me thinking that maybe teamwork here makes sense too.

When hiring a Realtor to market your home, a team approach makes sense.   Why? teamwork

Well, to name a few reasons, Availability, Innovation, Motivation, Flexibility, Creativity, and that all important Second Opinion!

For all intents and purposes, real estate is a 24/7 type of business.   While most Buyers don't make an impulse purchase you don't want to do anything to have them rule your home out.    So if they have a question, we want to answer it quickly.  When an offer is on the table we want to respond quickly. 

It would not be realistic to expect that your Realtor never have a day off.

Having said that, you, a Seller,  would like someone available to you and representing your home at all times.

Hiring a team makes sense.    You have someone who is  available at all times, and, not just someone, but someone that has a financial stake in seeing your home go from listed to sold!  That is a clear benefit. 

What might not be so clear is the behind the scenes collaboration.     Two sets of eyes looking at the marketing pieces, making sure the photos look right and the words are perfect.  Two people dissecting  the market and finding who might be the best fit for your home.   Two people evaluating the market and how you home is positioned in it.

Two different styles of closing and negotiating.   That flexibility brings strength to your side of the table, and that second opinion!

Lets not forget that intangible factor of excitement.    Loving your listings and talking them up is a important.    Who couldn't use a little more love?  

Teamwork has worked well for our business for the past 20 plus years.    People like it.  In fact, it has become a trend.  Why?    For most, it is just common sense.  

Are you thinking of selling your home?    Give this team a call!    We offer a free market analysis and as always, our service guarantee!   

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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