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Emergency Preparedness - an Earthquake Comes To Town

Emergency Preparedness - an Earthquake Comes To Town

The Princess and the Pea That's Not Me.   Apparently I am not that kind of royalty as I didn't feel a thing, but Tuesday night, in Maine there was an earthquake of 4.0 magnitude .   I heard from different folks in my area here west of Boston that they felt the tremor.   That's a long way away. 

As a kid my father used to give us talk about what to do there was a fire.   Where to go, how to get out etc.   We never had a practice but we did talk.   

Tuesday's shake made me think about a visit to my brother who lived for a long while in Los Angeles.<a href="http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=21107&picture=fire-escape">Fire Escape</a> by Eddie Fouse

As soon as my sister Teresa and I got off our plane in LAX, we were greeted with not just hugs and kisses but a talk on what to do in case of an earthquake, where we meet, how to react, and not to touch his emergency stash of water, etc.   Teresa and I thought at the time that it was kind of funny.  After all we had never lived through an earthquake before and had never thought of it.  But really... it was just plain smart! 

The earthquake Tuesday night made me think of that trip and how most of us are not prepared for an emergency.  At least I am not.  We don't have an emergency plan or meeting place with our families.  We really haven't even talked about what we would do.    That will change. 

Why?  It's so simple and ridiculous not to have just a simple discussion and plan.

So the lesson learned from this past Tuesday is to remember to be prepared.    Firefighters all across the nation this year are urging families to have "two ways out".   A great campaign.   So easy to implement and if you have a plan it will easily come to mind if ever faced with a stressful situation.

I am not advocating prepping here, just being smart.  Figure out your own plan and share it with your family.  Plan to meet someplace and maybe to have a few things available such as flashlights, batteries, etc, just in case.    

Whatever feels right for you.    There are lots of tips from emergency agencies and are readily available on line. 

You will probably never need it, but what the heck?   It's a just a conversation.  


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