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How's the Market?

How's the Market?

It's a question that Realtors everywhere will be asked many times over the next few weeks as we gather with family and friends.   After all, why not?   Real estate is always something that people want to talk about and have an opinion on.
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When I first started in real estate many moons ago, the real estate trainers of the time, had a stock answer for the question of "How's the Market?".  

The answer was always supposed to be GREAT!    Like Tony the Tiger kind of great.

I never actually thought that the answer was really fair.   I know that it was meant to give the impression that we were busy.   People after all want to work with people that are working.
But don't people want more than a stock reply?    If they care enough to ask, shouldn't we be more realistic with our answer?     Today people seem to really understand that the real estate market is a good gauge for the economy.     Maybe they have a real estate move in their future or maybe they feel upside down or in danger with their own property and are trying to make a judgment call, or just maybe they are just interested in how we are doing.     Regardless of the reason for the question, I think we owe it to them to answer truthfully, versus giving a silly and possibly insincere stock answer.   

I took a class where a very good speaker had another canned answer.  It was, are you thinking to buy, sell, rent or invest?    Good, I guess.   It takes a direction, but I don't know about you, but at a gathering like that, I don't want to feel that I am being "sold", and I don't think others do either.

What's a Realtor to do?    We may be really busy and in that case the market is great for us.    But, we may not be.   I don't think it serves any purpose to say it stinks.    But maybe it is better to answer the question with some good and important facts,  versus blurting out one word or turning the question around.       

After all, isn't that what people are really asking us for?   Doesn't that have a bigger and better impact than that Tony the Tiger, Grreat?   

Isn't that a better way to say to the public, our family and friends that we are the professionals who actually know what is going on in our market place and are the go to people when it comes to shopping for or marketing property?

Just thinking.....


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