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6 Tips That Will Help You Secure A Place To Rent

6 Tips That Will Help You Secure A Place To Rent

What Do They Want A Good Tenant or Someone That Pays?    Seriously.    I received this question and others just as bizarre from  prospective tenants after being informed that the owners are looking for someone that had good credit among other things.   house rentals, looking for house rentals

Call me crazy, but in my mind, A Good Tenant IS someone that pays!!    I actually thought that went without saying, but maybe not.  

In general we don't normally handle a lot of rental properties.   Every once in awhile, a client will ask us to help them out with their investment property and we are happy to do so.    It just so happens this month, we have had several.

With the rental market being so competitive, as soon as the properties hit the market, we were inundated with calls and emails.   Questions and responses like the above made me realize that some might not know  a) how tight the market is or,   b) that they are being interviewed the minute they pick up that phone.   

Clearly not rocket science, these landlords are simply looking for someone that will take care of their property and have the means and intentions to pay them on a monthly basis.   Looking for a rental, one needs to put their best foot forward.     

It is not hard to do if you treat this house hunt like a job interview.   

The following 6 tips will help you secure that rental home in this tight market.
  • Come prepared.   Have your references and paperwork readily available.
  • Fill out the application fully.   Leaving gaps only sets up red flags.
  • Be ready for a credit check.   Not great credit?   Explain it.   These landlords understand that your credit might be stellar, but they do need it to make sense.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be on time!
  • If you expect a response to your on line inquiry, be specific with your questions and leave a phone number.   It doesn't make sense to just say you want more info on a property.   What info are you looking for?   

Looking for a place to rent?   Start here.

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If you want to really know what's happening in your market area, consult your local Realtor!

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