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Home Inspections....Will These Walls Talk?

You have worked hard finding your new home.   You've researched the market, spent hours upon hours peering at homes on line, and even more visiting those homes.  

But, now it's done!   You've found that home, and even better yet, have come to terms with the Seller on the property!

Inspection Contingency Clause.
This is fairly standard and expected.   In most cases your inspection contingency clause will give you the opportunity to investigate the property and back out of the transaction if you find any major structural, mechanical or other defects.  

  Facts for Consumers   

Be present for the inspection.

This way you can investigate the property along with the Inspector, listening, learning and asking questions about your new home.
The Inspector will give you helpful maintenance tips as well as point out any present or potential problems that he/she sees.     You should get a written report that details the aspects of the inspection, and it's easier to understand the report if you have been around the property with the guy/gal.

Keeping it in Perspective. 

You're probably not buying a new home.    The home won't be perfect, none are.  The Inspector's job is to find all the imperfections.   You will want to remain as realistic and objective as possible.

*Are there items significant enough that they would make you not want to buy this home?
*Have they found a safety issue?  
*Or, Something that will become a large unexpected  expense now or in the near future? 

What if there is a Problem?

If you find something that really bothers you, you can back out of the home, ask the Seller to fix it or negotiate.       Either way, it's your decision, but don't forget why you got to this point.  You love the place or you wouldn't be looking to buy it!     Experience tells me that it's easy to get freaked out when an inspector is picking the place apart.    Remember his job it to find it all... no matter how big or small. 

What's Included in Your Home Inspection ?

Structural Components: Foundation, sills, joists, beams, supports, etc.
Exterior Components: Siding, windows, decks and porches, gutters and downspouts, driveways, general landscape condition.
Roofing: Flashings, and chimneys.
Mechanicals:  Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC, Water Heaters, Fuel
Interior: Ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, stairs, sometime appliances
Insulation and Ventilation: Attic, basement, insulation types, kitchen and bathroom fans, etc.
Garage Doors, openers, etc.

Finding a Great Inspector.

As with anything else, ask for referrals, and call around. You should be interested in finding someone that is thorough, experienced and can communicate with you in layman's terms.  Standards of Practice.

Other Inspections to Consider.

Pest, Radon, Mold, Septic, Well, Pool, Chinmey, Lead Paint

A Great Home Inspection will leave you feeling secure about your purchase!   But, You have to find that home first!   So, Call me!    508-494-9061    or email

                     Do you have any home inspection advice ?

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