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Sense or Sound? The 1st Public Library, Franklin MA

For the past 24 years, I have been recounting the "Story of Nation's First Public Library"  to all that have had the pleasure of being a captive audience in my car as I drove them from house to house in the beautiful town of Franklin, MA.

The Nation's First Public Library

Did you know that Franklin, once a part of Wrentham was all set to be named Exeter?    Well that was the plan anyway, until Jabez Fisher had the great idea of naming the town "Franklin" after, yes, you guessed it, Ben Franklin, all with the hopes of getting the man to give the town a meetinghouse bell for the honor!

Makes Sense to Me!                                                          

But, in return, Ben sent books!
I guess he thought that sense is better than sound!   The books he sent were available at the meetinghouse for all to share... voila!
The First Public Library!

What a Fun Story, Right?

For a detailed account of this historic event and more on Ben Franklin, read the Johnson article.   It's terrific!                    
                James Johnston, Milford Daily on Ben Franklin

Worth A Visit
The Ben Franklin Books are still on display!
Franklin Library Info, Hours, Location, Etc.

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