Rabu, 06 April 2011

Foolproof Facelift! and It's Free!

One of the easiest ways to give your home an inexpensive face lift is by painting.    Not only does it look fresh and clean, but you can change the feeling of your home with the swipe of a brush!

One of my first places, I had a great vision for the kitchen.   I was going to make it "garden-like"- a pretty green base, under white lattice.    What I got would have  un-nerved St. Patrick himself.  It was like stepping into a giant florescent shamrock!

If you are anything like me, you hesitate.   Why?
Could be you don't have an inspiration or,
you're afraid of what your color choice will look like in your room.      

Coloring inside the lines made easy with this free tool!  
Sherman Williams Color Visualizer. 
It offers a personal color viewer where you can
  • upload a photo of your own home,
  • virtually paint it and
  • visualize what it looks like with your own decor
(There are many others too, (Benjamin Moore, Ace, Glidden, etc. - But, I liked this the best!)

I wish I had seen this last week, before Teresa and I went out in search of paint colors for her "new look".     We hit a few stores including Hometown Paint in Franklin.   They also had a pretty cool thing there.  A display where you can view your chip under different simulated light options.

For more color tips...consult a Professional like
 Sandra Bouchard, Define by Redesign 

and visit these web sites.

All About Painting

HGTV on Choosing Color

         Have a decorating story of your own?    Or any advice?   Please feel free to comment below.

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