Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

What the heck is Flocking?

  When a bunch of pink flamingos show up on someone's front lawn.

As a Realtor in the Franklin MA area for more than 24 years, I believe it's important to be an active part of the community. One way that I have tried to do that is by supporting the ACS through Relay for Life. We have all been hit hard by cancer. The Realtors in the Franklin area are no different. We have seen a number of our family, friends and co-workers struggle with the disease and know first hand the effects of it.

Team CSI, (Care, Support, Imagine a cure) is holding it's annual fundraiser.

For a tax deductible donation of $25, they will place a flock of 20 pink flamingos on the front lawn of a friend or foe! ...

What a great way to have fun and make a difference!

The "Flock" lands in the yard and stays for up to 48 hours. The recipients receive a notice explaining their arrival and informing them that a donation has been made to ACS.

(Great idea for birthday's, grads, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just for fun!)

For ordering info contact Teresa at
or call me at 508-494-9061

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