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The Charles Cafe Millis MA Just Opened Their Bar!

For years, "The Charles"  located on the banks of the Charles River on route 109 exactly on the Medfield/Millis line was a favorite spot to head down to for dinner and or drinks. 

The food was good, exotic it was not, and the bar was one where you might find a group of guys sitting around playing cards or just the kind of place you could drop into after work and see your friends for a quick one before heading home.    One thing for sure, it was a friendly place where everyone knew your name  or if they didn't they quickly would.  A comfortable kind of place! The Charles Cafe Millis MA

The very long time owner and legend, a former Marine, affectionately known as "Buckshot", moved on and passed the restaurant bar on too.     It closed for a long time leaving the locals with a void in their dining and social routines.

Nicely remodeled, it reopened a while back for breakfast and lunch.   The food was good and the service with a smile....but still it lacked the old "bar" side that we all loved.  
Guess what?    They brought it back!    The bar is back at the Charles Cafe!  

And looking fabulous too I might say!    I stopped in there last night to check it out.  The new owners have done a wonderful job.     Soon, folks were were coming in that had used to stop by the old Charles!

It's an intimate place with a granite topped bar, comfortable stools and two big screen T.V.'s.   Music was playing, there are tables for dining or for a group gathering.   There is a fireplace which will be amazing on a cold snowy night, and tonight, Saturday, they have a piano bar!   
The service is still fine and with a smile.  The menu looked good.  I didn't have time this trip to grab a bite.The bar at Charles Cafe Millis MA

So now we have it all!   

The gathering spot on the Medfield/Millis line is back but better.   Food is good, drinks are flowing, and they also have an outdoor seating area!  
Want to get some exercise in before that dinner.    Rent a kayak right there take a two hour paddle on my favorite river and then come back and wind down!   

So if you are looking for a friendly (and now trendy) place to go that everyone will know your name, this is the spot.  

Good food, drinks, music and a little friendly conversation!    

What's better than that?

The Charles Cafe
35 Main St. (Route 109),
Millis MA 02054

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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