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This morning I was a recipient of A Random Act of Kindness

This morning I was a recipient of A Random Act of Kindness

Every year we have the push pull of the Christmas tree.  

For the past few years, family and friends seem to be appalled that we have no tree for the holidays.    We normally point out that we do.   It's a two foot potted plant that we have all year.     This house plant serves as a justification in our minds that we are okay.   You might find a bow on it around December or some little garnish, but that's about the extent of it.   

It's not that we don't want a tree or don't have the ornaments or the lights to put on it.    The tree shopping event just doesn't fit into our schedule for one reason or another.    Usually work during the week, nightly activities and of course on Sunday it's football.     We just can't seem to get together to fit the tree shopping in.   I don't think of us as "Grinches" or anything, it's just that we have this little tree and well it's all okay.  

Yesterday was my niece Siobhan's birthday party.     We went to my sister's for 2 pm and didn't get back until after dark.   Of course we came in through the garage and that was it.  

This morning, going out to retrieve the Sunday paper, much to my surprise sitting on the deck is a beautiful Christmas tree!    A Christmas tree with no card or message attached.    It took less than a nanosecond to figure out who would sneak onto the deck and deliver the unexpected surprise!    

Can I tell you how much pleasure it was seeing it there?  

But more than that, it was the thoughtfulness of the two elves, (with the names of MacNeil)  that put it there!

I now believe the torch has been passed to me to do something unexpected and fun for someone else!
Thank you!
Christmas Tree

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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