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What you Get for Your Money in Medfield MA

What you get for your Money in Medfield MA

Ever wonder what your hard earned money can buy in Medfield MA these days?   Today with interest rates at an unbelievable low and homes priced aggressively to secure that qualified Buyer, there has never been a better time to jump into the Real Estate market or to move up to that larger home that you have always wanted!  

Here is a sample of what your money can buy!    For a complete list of homes in your range, give me a call and I will send them to you!     

For under $300,000 there are 4 homes to choose from.   Expect 1500 s.f. half duplex or a single family home in need of updating.  

Green St Medfield MA
From $301,000-$400,000 there are 5 homes for sale.   Expect 1400 sq.ft. or less, 2-3 bedrooms, updates and 1 or 2 baths.
Medfield MA Homes for sale

$401,000 - $500,000 there are 7 homes for sale.   Expect 3 to 5 bedrooms, multi baths, updates and nice lots.
South St Medfield MA home for sale
$501,000 - 600,000 there are 3 singe family homes for sale.  (and some very nice new town homes)  Expect land and options.
Home  for sale medfield ma
$601,000 - $700.000  there are 4 homes available.   Expect conventional 4 bed, young, multi bath with garage and land.
Medfield MA home for sale
$701,000 - $800,000   there are 3 homes available.   Expect homes with detail and style.   4 beds, multi baths and garages.
Medfield MA home for sale
$801,000 - $1,000,000   There are 16 homes available.   Expect size elegance and detail or....
Medfield MA home for Sale
expect new construction village style homes emphasizing life style!
Medfield MA home for sale
from $1,000,000 and higher, there are 13 homes available.  Expect unique, stately, elegant, and sizable homes and grounds.

NICE HOMES... NICE COMMUNITY... NO MATTER THE PRICE RANGE!      Is it time to make your move?

For a complete listing of homes in Medfield in your range, please give me a call or would you like homes in your price range emailed directly to you each morning?    Let me know. 

  I have been living in the community and selling homes here since the 1980's.   

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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