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What We Can Learn From the New England Patriots

What We Can Learn From the New England Patriots

No doubt by now, not just New England Patriot fans but anyone following football knows that the New England Patriots will be one of the competing teams in this years Super Bowl. 

Woo Hoo!        On to the Super Bowl Baby!  
New England Patriot Stadium

This is great news for  New England fans and under the guidance of coach Bill Belichick it hasn't been the first time.   After watching the most exciting game in recent history and after listening to his news conference, I was inspired by what he had to say and recognized that it relates to real estate professionals as much as football players.  

A win is a win, and always sweet.   But a great coach and great players will dissect the game and improve on weakness and also on their strengths.  

In his press conference, Coach Belichick discussed his teams mental toughness.   

Coach defines mental toughness as "doing your best for the team even when everything’s not going right for you personally.  

I thought about my real estate career.   I thought about my own mental toughness or lack thereof.    How easy it is to beat yourself up after a listing presentation that didn't go exactly as you planned.    Heck, maybe you got there and realized you were up against "a friend".   How easy it is to get upset with the call coordinator that missed an instruction and as a result your client came down on you.    How easy it is to beat your self up or another agent when an offer didn't go your way.     How hard it is to stay on task when your personal life is upside down!  

Coach Belichick is right.    Mental toughness is one of the keys to success.    Another is reviewing the game and recognizing what works and what doesn't and being capable enough to make the necessary changes.   To be the first in the office and the last to leave.   In other words to give it your all. 

So, what can we learn from the New England Patriots?    Tons!   Determination, Practice, Education, Mental toughness are just a few.     Those things can make us a success in business and in life!

We don't need to be football players to be stars, but we can learn a lot from them!  

Go New England Patriots!   and, thank you Coach Belichick!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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