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Will You Know the Right Home When You Find It?

Will You Know the Right Home When You Find It?

The question sounds simple enough doesn't it?    But is it?

I recently received a call from former clients that were looking to move up.    Their family situation has changed.    They are expecting babies!   That's right babies.    Plural. 

They gave me their list of criteria and we set out to find their new home pronto.   We talked about what was important to them in a home and community.   They knew what they needed and wanted.    I set them up on an email based home search and gave them some suggestions.   They chose a few homes and we looked at them.  We Realtors are masters at making a home look inviting on line.   Going to see them was an adventure.    Flashlights in gloved hands, we moved through each home with precision, ruling them out for one consideration or another.

They couldn't wait to see a particular home and as soon as we walked through the door, they looked at each other and knew it was the one!    They wrote an offer and we hope to be heading to the closing table in a few short weeks.  

77 Wilson St Holliston MA
How did they know it was the right home for them?        How could they be so comfortable so quickly?   

They had done their homework.

Like most buyers they had spent time seaching for homes on line.   They had specific criteria that was important.  Some trade offs they could make, and others they could not.    The contacted their bank and had a pre approval.    They had decided on community and style as well as the maximum amount of money they were willing to pay for their new home.   

There was no "wishy-washy" here.    

This couple was very specific in each and every home detailing what was pleasant to them and what aspects were not.   With the presicion of a detailed surgeon, after each visit, they edited their list by either ruling a home out or identifying it as a consideration.   It was interesting to see them work together in such a smart way and delightful to see how they respected each others opinions. 

These buyers were totally in tune with each other,

and what they wanted and needed in a home.   Clearly they had discussed their individual wants and needs with each other prior to hitting the pavement.    I think this important fact made it easier for them to make the decision when the "perfect home" presented itself to them!   

Confidence in their Decision.

From watching these folks, there was no indecision.    Knowing the market, having realistic goals and expectations were crutial factors in knowing they made the right choice for their family.    Market knowledge, consideration for each others opinion, preparedness, and a realistic viewpoint breeds confidence.  

Will You Know The Right Home When You Find It??    
Give me a call.    My experience will guide you so that you too can be comfortable in your knowledge of the market and conditions and I can assist in your preparedness so that when you find the right home, you will know it! 

Carol-Ann Palmieri               508-494-9061 

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group

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