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En Plein Air Art Classes offered Walpole MA area Residents

En Plein Air Art Classes offered Walpole MA area Residents

In addition to her summer camps for kids and adult art lessons in studio, Artist and Teacher Rosemarie Morelli Crocker of Walpole MA is teaching en plein air to all students with all skill levels, beginner to advanced.

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En plein air is french and means the act of painting outdoors.  

I've been painting in studio with Rosemarie for almost a year now.   It is an enjoyable way to let your creative juices flow.  She is an excellent teacher and I was more than excited at the chance to get outside and give an real time landscape a whirl! 

She began with a list of what to bring.   It reminded me of those "what to bring to camp" lists.    Easel, paint, bug spray, sun screen, umbrella, water, etc.  

The class met at Clark's Pond in Walpole, MA.    The location was chosen for the ease of the first time outdoor students.   There will be other places in the Dover, Medfield, Walpole, South Natick area that students will travel to.

She started with showing  how to choose a composition.     After that how to set up, and begin.  It sounds kind of elementary, but it was really necessary.

You would think that everyone would be painting the same scene, but no!   Everyone  picked something different to paint, so it will be interesting  to see how they all come out over time.     These lessons are designed to help the beginner and advanced student create by learning how to see and correct color, shapes, edges and values.    

If you have ever thought that you wanted to learn to paint or draw or if you are experienced and want some additional instruction or just want to get together with other like minded individuals

I highly recommend that you check out
Rosemarie Crocker Morelli's studio's and lessons.

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



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