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Hire A Realtor That Presents Your Property Properly

Hire A Realtor That Presents Your Property Properly

When it comes to marketing your home for sale, hire a professional that presents your property properly.

Presentation is very important!    

(What prompts this blog, is the fact that today, July 17 is as warm as it gets yet looking through the homes available for which I have a buyer, I see one with a Christmas tree in it.   While I agree that Christmas decorations can make a home very inviting, I do not believe that is true this time of year.)

There are many ways in which to market a property effectively.    A very important piece of the puzzle is to present it well.   Best foot forward.   

In this market, where competition is very stiff, you want to set your home out from the crowd.
Consider a job interview.   Would you go unprepared, looking unkempt and not dressed properly?  Of course not.  You want to create a good impression.    The same goes for offering your property for sale!

Choose the Realtor that knows how important this is.    Do they offer staging advice or a consult with a professional Stager?     Likely, you will be making small changes to your furniture placement and removing your personal items.    You will be setting your home up for "show".   Do not take the advice personal.   In fact, "think Model home".    It will make it easier.

My pet peeve and I am guessing those of potential Buyers as well.  Photos of toilet seats...( up, no less. )  Photos that are presented sideways.   Not taking into consideration the composition of the subject.   For example, showing a photo of the sofa, not the living room.   I also think that it is important to have those photos and video clips show in an orderly fashion.   Personally, I like mine to follow the flow of the home and have the kitchen regardless of it's age right after the exterior shots.   And, and what prompted this blog, if the season changes, so should the presentation!    

People today are more visual than ever.   What they see determines if they will make the call.   Long gone are those one line ads designed to make the phone ring.    Today's buyer will blow by your home in a heart beat if it doesn't present well.  You will never get a chance to get that buyer into your home.    Please believe me that this is crucial!

The strategy for marketing your home will not be the same as other homes.  The excellent Realtor will take in to consideration the target audience, and devise a marketing plan based on "Who the likely buyer is for this property how they will be using it."     The presentation and marketing plan will be based on this.

Choose the Realtor that will present your property properly.    
Your sale depends on it!

(353 Center St, Bellingham MA Property Flyer)

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