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Where to Kayak MetroWest Boston part 1

Where to Kayak MetroWest Boston part 1

Looking for places to kayak in MetroWest?    This is part of a hopefully never ending series, so check back often!

I recently wrote a post about a home I sold at 12 Norcross Road in Hopkinton MA.   The previous owner was an avid Kayaker like myself and when I met her she shared with me her experiences.   I learned that she purchased the home in part because of the access to the beautiful lake Whitehall where she could access the lake through the neighborhood.

Not having that luxury, I had to check out the public launch site for my self and try it out.    The day of my investigation, I got to the lake and there were some plein air painters set up so it even peeked my interst even more.    Meaning that there is more to do at Lake Whitehall than Kayak, although, that was my main focus for the day.

Saturday morning early, my kayaking bud and sister Nancy Carroll, (check out this blog)  (Kayakers' Chronicles) packed up the Mariner and headed out for Whitehall State Park in Hopkinton.

Even though it was early when we arrived, the parking lot already had a bunch of pick up trucks with trailers attached.   I thought, oh great, this is going to be a bust.   As much as I love seeing and talking with people, the reason I love kayaking so much is to take in the peace and quiet and to enjoy the wildlife, birds and scenery.

The access we used was right off route 135 (Wood St).   There  is a ramp and it was simple getting in and out.   Parking is free.

What a surprise it was once out on the lake.    It was so large (600 acres)  and with many twists and turns, we didn't really bump into all those boats that we thought would be in there.   We traveled the length and investigated the many little coves and islands.    Lake Whitehall was once a water source for the area.  There are really no homes that can be seen from it.    It is a pristine with nothing to break the scenery.   There is a walking trail that goes around the entire place too.  

We saw ducks, a heron low in flight, varieties of plants and a few friendly fisherman.     It was a bit windy and the lake is wide so it provided a decent work out.

 Stay tuned for part 2 of our kayaking adventure throughout Metro West of Boston!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group

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