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Loving My Listings

Loving My Listings

Falling in love with your listings sure makes it easier to sell them!     Way back in the infancy of my real estate career, a wise old, well maybe not so old, broker/owner advised us that we should love our listings.     Today, thinking back, I am sure that she meant that they were the bread and butter of a real estate career.
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But, as an eager young agent,  I didn't know that and took her advice literally.   Funny thing.  For the past 25 years, that advice, although taken the wrong way at the time has served me well. 

I've always had a love affair with homes.    It started when I was really young watching my Dad make a model of a most needed addition for our modest ranch home.   After that, I learned a lot being his "helper" as he toiled away making us all bedrooms and another bath.   I watched the planning, the demolition, and learned as he moved walls and built staircases.   The transformation was amazing. 

As I grew older, looking at homes was always a joy.  Before getting into real estate, I was the type of person that would get lost in my walk by looking at the architecture of homes and their surroundings.   With that and the well meaning pushes from co workers it became easy to get my license and begin a terrific career in the home selling business. 

With that background, Loving my listings came naturally.      I don't care if it is the shack on Mirror Lake.    (No offense Rich.)   It's easy to see the potential and visualize what a fabulous lake home it will become when the buyer puts his personal stamp on it, or maybe the listing is a new home and doesn't need a thing!  

Either way, focusing on the possibilities and potential of a home, finding the things to love about it just makes it easier to express and point out to a potential purchaser! 

Over the years, I have loved each and every one of my listings, finding a uniqueness and personality in every one.  Once you find that special something, it becomes easy to convey the beauty of each home to it's potential new owner.

Loving my listings.   Just makes it easier to sell them!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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