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Negotiating What Works and What Does Not

Negotiating What Works and What Does Not

Bringing two parties together in a Real Estate transaction isn't always easy, but it is done by Realtors everywhere, everyday.      It is part of their skill set, part of their job.    A skilled negotiator, in my opinion, is a person that is a good listener and is also capable of detaching themselves from the parties emotions.   They are also able to communicate and think ahead.    how to negotiate, tips on negotiating, negotiating successfully

A client of mine recently asked me what I thought made a great real estate transaction.    He was being funny when he said that in his opinion it is when all parties feel like they have been taken.    I guess there are many that think that way.   I don't. 

I feel a successful negotiation is when we have a meeting of the minds.   It might be that not everyone always gets exactly what they want.  There can be trade offs and most time there are.    I mean think about it really.   Is it possible for the Seller to get the more than market value and the Buyer of the same transaction "steal" the home?   Of course not.   That's ridiculous.   When both parties are comfortable with the outcome, it is successful.

For a Realtor, it is very frustrating to see a person who wants to buy a home and a person who wants to sell a home unable to fulfill their desires.    The home buying and selling process is riddled with emotion and is such a big ticket item that one seemingly very small thing can stall and end a negotiation.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on, or if it is real estate that is the issue for that matter.

Things that kill a deal.    Ego, Ignorance, Fear, Freezing, Stalling, Pit Bull Attitude, Being Unreasonable, and not thinking ahead.  

It is not unreasonable to want the best for ourselves, and I am not saying give in, rather think.   (for example, if you go up on your price 20k after coming down, how will the buyer react to this?   Do you think they will understand this tactic or walk away??   Flip side, if you ask for the Seller's Jag, will the Seller likely respond??)

What works.   "Think-otiating."   When negotiating, leave your emotions and ego at the door.    Do your homework, listen to the professionals not the well meaning "experts" and remember to think ahead.   Anticipate how the other side will feel and react to your position.   Temper your prompt response accordingly.

Again, not saying give in, rather think.  

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Carol-Ann Palmieri, 
is a full time Real Estate professional in Massachusetts for the past 25 years along with her partner Al Mussi have helped literally hundreds of families find, sell or purchase new places to live.

 A former US Marine, she grew up in Walpole, MA...  is committed to the serving the community through various volunteer opportunities.   She attended MA Bay Community and Suffolk University and is committed to constantly updating her Real Estate education.

 Licensed in MA and RI...

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