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Medfield Ranks as One Of Greater Bostons Top Spots To Live

Medfield Ranks as One Of Greater Bostons Top Spots To Live

Boston Globe Magazine has rated Medfield as one of the top spots to live in Greater Boston are in 2013.   

Medfield was one of 13 communities that the Boston Globe ranked in it's feature "Greater Boston's Top Spots to Live" article.   They cited the importance of buyers wanting to "feel confident in their investment" when making a home purchase.    And confident you would.   Medfield's home price was up more than 17% in 2012 from the previous year.  

Not news to me.   Medfield MA  is a beautiful community that lies approximately 17 miles south west of Boston.

Medfield MA has that quintessential New England feel.    Traveling down Main Street, a couple of white church steeples dot the sky.    The town offices and library are architectural works of art.   Speaking of works of art there is an art gallery that has a second floor out door terrace that overlooks downtown.   One might hear soft, classical music streaming outside, as one visits the downtown gazebo.

 Not only beautiful, Medfield is rich in history, and significant in the formation of our country.  It was devastated by King Philip during the Indian Wars and was burnt to the ground.   It was rebuilt and has become an affluent and desirable place to live.

From early on, it's settlers believed in education and women's right to vote.   Today, Medfield is known for it's commitment to education evidenced by it's top notch public school system. 

The well known artist George Inness depicted scenes of Medfield in some of his famous works. 


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