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My First Blog Since the Boston Marathon

My First Blog Since the Boston Marathon

Since the bombing of Boston Marathon I Have Lost My Voice.

Anyone that knows me would never in a million years think that anything could shut me up.    I never thought so either.   But, in the past 3 weeks, I haven't really felt like writing about real estate.    I haven't felt like sharing thoughts or feelings.

It's not that I am afraid, or that the terrorists have had their way, it's just that what I have to say seems so meaningless.    I have just lost the words that usually flow from my lips with abandon.  

The Boston Marathon.  Boston Strong

 To many, a sign of spring.   A sign of accomplishment.   A sign of Boston.     Many of my clients have had the stamina to run.    I've seen them training in all kinds of weather with a determination that amazes me.  

 One gal, under 5 feet tall.  I always thought to myself, "it's kind of not fair.   With legs that short, that poor girl is running like, 3, marathons."  

Back in my days at the PD, there was an officer that would run the route and finish by coming in to the station at about 5:30 am.   His little dog, (one that looked like Toto) would come in about 15 minutes after him.   I would get that pup a cup of water and give him a pat.    I can tell you right now that patting that dog was like patting a 2 x 4.   He was as solid as solid gets!

It has always been our custom to go to the Marathon.     This year I went kayaking instead.   

It is hard to push the thoughts that rise to the front of my head to the back.   Disgust, pride, hate, sorrow and sadness.   But not fear because like many,  I am just highly Pissed off!   

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this senseless crime.
   The good in people shines through.   Support flows in from all over the country.    American's have big hearts. 

While the authorities debate where to put the remains of the scum bag that died as a result of his actions, and his accomplice recovers from his wounds, and as we all struggle to understand why these people, so young, would have such a hate and unfeeling disregard for life.

Boston Strong has become, not really a new sentiment, but now one that is voiced and worn proudly.

And now, I must try to push all thoughts of this senseless act as well as the pursuit of justice to the back of my mind knowing that life has, again, forever changed. 

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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