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Waiting in the Wings are Real Good Buyers!

Waiting in the Wings are  Real Good Buyers!

Part of my morning routine is going through my market area towns to see what is new each day on my Multiple Listing Service.    What comes up in my daily search are new listings, homes that are under contract, sold the previous day etc.  Well you get it.  

I've noticed this before, but again this morning it jumped off the page at me. 
Many of the  homes that have been on the market a very short number of days are pending!!      (Pending is Realtor speak for they have an accepted offer on them.)

Why is that?

Its November and people don't normally expect to see homes snatched up quickly,  but it goes to prove that there are buyers out there looking and waiting.  Waiting for just the right home.  They will jump on it when it they see it. 
These Buyers waiting in the wings attribute to the pent up demand for a particular property.   Many of them have seen the inventory, found it not for them, but are still actively looking.    Anything new that hits the market is going to get some serious attention!
Today's Buyer has a lot of property to choose from.   They know it.  They have seen it.   They  are being more particular.   Interest rates are fabulous and remain fabulously stable!  

These folks waiting on the sidelines make it more likely that a property will go under agreement in the early stages of it's hitting the market.

Why is this important to you?

Well, if you are selling your home, it is very important to you.  You know that there are ready buyers in the wings waiting for the right property to hit the market.   These buyers know the rest of the inventory and are ready to make an offer immediately when the "right" property comes up.    They also know there are other buyers out there like them so they are likely to make a good offer on your home.   They are not as likely to hesitate!

Get it right the first time to capitalize on these folks!
  • Recognize that you need to price it right to get the attention of these guys.   
  • You also need to present it properly right out of the gate.
  • Listen to the Agents and Stagers advice.
  • No waiting for photos, no waiting for descriptions, no taking your time getting it advertised!  
  • No toilet seats up or photos with food on the counters! 
  • Think twice about the "I can always come down" strategy.
People are waiting for the right home folks! 
  Capture their attention and your chances for a quick sale are good!
Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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