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Moving out of Town? The Benefit of Asking Me for A Referral

For years my business cards have read
"I appreciate your referrals."   My communications always end, "I can help anyone with their real estate transactions anywhere! or, "The highest compliment we can receive is your referrals."..

..and, for years I have received my friends, families and former clients referrals for my service area.    In fact, that is my major source of business.    I have been treated very well by my "people" and I appreciate their support and confidence.

It wasn't until recently when a very good client who has referred me lots, and I do mean lots, of business in the past called me excitedly to let me know that they had bought a new home out  of my service area!
I am thrilled  for them, but why hadn't they called me to refer them to an outside agent?

A little bit of thinking and a lot of soul searching tells me that they don't see the benefit in asking me to send them to another agent.

As agents we know there is a benefit for us to receive a referral, BUT, what do our clients perceive their benefit to be?   That's the big question.
In the past, I would go through my list of agents attached to affiliated franchises, go through the agents bios, pick out a few, have a quick chat, and then make a recommendation to my folks about who they might consider and what to expect.
There is  a real Benefit to You

GOOD NEWS FOLKS!    Since joining an on line realtor based social network community some months ago, I have a new approach and it  benefits my clients in a big way!    How's that you ask?
Each and every day, I read blogs with active, educated real estate agents from all over the country.   Not only is this a great source of information to me, BUT by reading their blogs, I have gained insight into their business models and their personalities.   I feel that I truly know some of these folks and feel very confident that they are more than capable to treat my  trusted referrals with the utmost care.   Through their blogs I can see that they know their market intimately and are the leaders in their marketplace.   Their personality shows through the words on the screen and I can make a confident judgment as to good fit for your needs!   

That.. is a big benefit!
So my "people", I apologize if I haven't explained how asking me for an out of town referral can help you navigate the maze of a real estate transaction in a far away place, but I hope that I have now.

And in closing,

Is there anyone you know that needs real estate help anywhere in the world?  
Please have the give me a call!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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