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A Fascination with A Fox Sighting Bellingham MA

A Fascination with A Fox Sighting Bellingham MA

This morning it was very windy, I guess that is what made me look out the window first thing.    As I did, I had to do a double take, for what I saw was a very well feed fox attempting to climb a tree in the back yard!    Now, the tree was leaning and on a 40 degree angle and he was only a short way up, but can fox really climb trees?    

I have only seen a few fox in my life.    I remember seeing one as I was showing some folks a home and this brazen fox walked right through the front yard.   That was in Franklin, MA.   I saw another as I was meeting someone at a home in Medway, MA one year.   That guy didn't look healthy.  It was a hot spring day.  I stayed clear.       Both these times the fox were small and on the ground!

The one I saw this morning was BIG and in a TREE!     There has been a fox sighting in the neighborhood in the past few weeks, and the knowledge of that is most likely the only reason at this early hour that I could put two and two together. 

This is what I have learned.    Both the gray and red fox are abundant through out Massachusetts.

Can Fox Climb Trees?

Yes!   We have two species of fox in our area, the Red and the Gray, but only the gray fox can climb.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Gray Fox and A Red Fox?

Well, if you are me, you can't!    The only way I know this guy is a gray fox is that he was in that tree.   As I read more about them, I think the fox that I have seen over time have been gray.    At first, I might have thought them to be red fox as that was the predominant color that I saw.  It is tricky though because both have red fur.  Besides difference in size and the shape of muzzle, the red fox has dark "stockings"  and that white tail we all think of when we think fox.   Knowing what I know now, I will be looking for that telltale white tail.   

Interesting Fox Facts

  • Fox are members of the dog family
  • Fox howl, bark and whine.
  • They breed in mid January to late February .
  • The fox family will break up in autumn when each animal becomes independent.
  • They can have one litter a year.
  • Baby fox are called "kits".
  • Common litter size is four.
  • Fox are active all year round.
  • Their home base can range from 2-7 square miles.
  • Fox learn to hunt at 3 months old.
  • They eat small rodents, squirrels, rabbits, birds, eggs, insects, vegetation, and fruit. 
Should You Be Afraid Of a Fox?

It doesn't appear so.   I wouldn't try and go petting them or encourage them to your property, but it doesn't appear that fox are a danger to humans unless they are cornered.    This is a good article to read regarding our fear of fox. 

Living With Fox.   

I personally can not wait to see this guy again, and with the nature of our yard, heavily wooded in the back and believing that this area might be the home territory for this guy has me thinking that it might just happen!    Having said that, we don't want to encourage him to the house.   The MA Wildlife Division has some good suggestions for living with foxes, 
and we will heed them.

 In the meantime, I have my eyes peeled and hopefully will see this beautiful creature again soon!  

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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