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Let Us Reserve The Word Hero For Those That Have Actually Earned It

Let Us Reserve The Word Hero For Those That Have Actually Earned It

Veteran's Day 2012

Today is the day we celebrate our Veterans as true American heroes.  They have earned it with their service to our country.   Many have paid with their lives.   Many have lost a piece of themselves in service.   These people are the folks we should reserve the word hero for.     We mark November 11 as the day we officially thank these men and women for their service to the USA.  Veterans Day 2011 Tour of Duty Done Watercolor

The Good Times

Folks of my generation have seen it all OR rather, have seen some very strange times.      Many, if not most of us, had a parent or two in the Armed Services during WWII or the Korean Conflict.    In our young years, Veterans were honored and looked up too.   They were our role models.   They were our heroes.   Real heroes.   They earned the title and everyone knew it.  

and, The Bad Times

Then came the Vietnam war.    The draft was in full swing.   We watched and waited as numbers came up.    We saw our friends off to war and many of them come home in bags and sometimes worse.   The horror of it all was brought to us nightly, in color, on T.V. where the body count was dutifully announced.   

The country became deeply divided.  We saw and lived through and many even participated in war protests.    Friends and family fell on one side of the fence or another and most had very strong beliefs.  
We did not respect these Veterans as heroes.   For a fact, people yelled at and spit on folks in uniform.     It was a dark time.  We should never forget it.

and, Back to The Good Times

THANK GOD we have turned the corner again.    I don't know if it was the horror 911 that woke us up or what, but things have changed.    The United States has men and women in harms way in different parts of the world.    Once again we have a renewed respect for our men and women of the Armed Services. 

We have come full circle and appreciate and try to understand their sacrifice to this country.   We should never repeat the mistakes we made as a country and a people during the Vietnam Era in blaming the warriors for the war.

And, as we thank these Veterans, as a nation, we owe it to them, the ones that stand tall for us, to protect their benefits and to take care of  them when they are in need of help.  

As we thank them for their service, let us remember to reserve the word hero for those that have actually earned it.   


Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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