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Traffic Nighmares Franklin MA and Surrounding Communities

Traffic Nighmares Franklin MA and Surrounding Communities

"Over the river and through the woods", not so much!    I just got back from completing some last minute tasks in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow and the traffic was just unbelievable.    It started early on as there were many people it seems making the escape from work and doing exactly as I was.    Shopping last minute.   

That made me think that, as a local for a very long time, there are just some things we know about the local traffic patterns.    What a better time of year to share those nightmare spots with some of my readers.   <a href="http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=5605&picture=city-traffic">City Traffic</a> by Scott Meltzer

Naturally the very first thought that comes to mind when i think of traffic nightmares for local residents is Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA on Patriot Football home games, or on concert days.     There just is no reason to go near the place unless you really want to bang your head against the wall.    I know that Bar Louie is tons of fun and that Skip Jacks has the best fresh food.   But go near the place on game day.  Nope.   I would rather swim with sharks! 

How about the Wrentham Village Mall, Wrentham, MA on black Friday.   Really folks, pack a lunch, because it will take some time to get off 495.   It is backed up for miles.   Does the word road rage mean anything to anyone?    Unbelievably though for some it is part of "the experience"!

Another all time favorite is Hartford Ave (crossing over 495), Bellingham, MA  usually east bound heading to Walmart and Market Basket.   Shoot me please if I end up in this nightmare becase I know better!!!      When Al's son was young he worked at the Market Basket.  When he  first got his license, I used to say that this kids driving experience equalled that of a 30 year old after driving that stretch for just 2 weeks!   Unfortunately the insurance company didn't see it that way.

109 going through Medfield center.    Oh my word, only Milo Palmieri (my dad) has enough patience to get through that center of town.    Seriously folks, if you don't know the work around at rush hour.... plan on that.   An hour to go 3/4 of a mile.  

What about my mall.  Franklin Village Drive, Franklin, MA. The home of Remax Executive Realty.    A fabulous mall and they have fixed the traffic pattern so that the flow is much easier.     (You don't have to bring the uzi with you when shopping anymore), but do bring your patience.    The place is so popular that it will take you time to get out.     Prepare yourself.   P.S.   If you are shopping for a home, no worries, I will pick you up at your house!  

I hope I am not sounding too negative this Thanksgiving eve.     I wish you all the very best that my favorite holiday has to offer and of course, safe traveling! 

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home, give me a call.   Carol-Ann Palmieri     508-494-9061   Cal@alandcal.com

Not only do I know the local roadways, I know the real estate market in and out!  

If you know of any other traffic hot spots, please feel free to share!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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