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Is There Optimism In The Air or is It Simply Holiday Spirit?

Is There Optimism In The Air or is It Simply Holiday Spirit?

I don't know if I am coming off the emotional high of having a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends yesterday and it may be just me, but these past few days, I have seen a more upbeat attitude in folks.   It makes me wonder is it optimism about the economy or is it simply people thinking about the holiday's and getting in the mood?   <a href="http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=8995&picture=rays-of-light">Rays Of Light</a> by Teodoro S Gruhl

At the Thanksgiving dinner table yesterday the talk was different.   It did not center around the economic woes that the country has been facing.    The conversation did not turn to politics as it usually does.     There was not a lot of commiserating about the price of gas, taxes, the housing market, education costs, or complaining in general.  

I am not saying that this group of people does a lot of complaining, because they don't.     What I did notice though, was a lack of negative conversation and a more optimistic air in this room of approximately 25 people. 

Is it that there is a wider range of age groups, and many are thinking of the upcoming season with excitement?

It's not just yesterday that I have noticed this and not just this family.   Last week at a fund-raising gathering, as I sat with a group of people that did not know each other and as they were trying to find a common ground for conversation, I did not hear the woe is me rambling that I have begun to get used to.

I personally feel more optimistic than I have for awhile.   I don't think it is seasonal.   I see more houses selling, and selling faster too.   I see more folks wanting to move again rather than just needing to.    I see folks that have larger parcels of land thinking this is a good time to take them to market, so, I wonder, are we becoming more optimistic?    Or is it the holiday season?    Or, could it be that we are just getting accustomed to all that we have little control over and are just tired of hearing about it?

With all my talk of optimism this morning,
as I head out to work this black Friday, I wonder, will my attitude change after I face the traffic?     Time will tell!

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