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Santa Visits Bellingham MA neighborhoods

Santa Visits Bellingham MA neighborhoods

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make all the difference in the world. 
I just got home from a "celebration of life".    A very young and beautiful girl's life cut short by a slippery road and a big old oak tree.    The family was dutifully greeting their family and friends who waited in line to say, "I'm sorry".   There are no words in a situation like this.  Never have been and never will be.

Santa Visits Every Home in Bellingham MA
Sad.   Very Sad.

As I get back to my home and pull into the driveway, I park my car and  head up the stairs.    I kick my off my shoes.  In my own world.  I am not sure of what I am hearing but realize that it the wail of sirens.  We live in a small cul-de- sac neighborhood.   Oh God, what can this possibly be, I think to myself.

I open the front door.  What  do I see but Santa Clause on a flatbed waiving to the neighbors.   He has a police cruiser escort!      Kids go running out.    I smile to myself thinking what fun the kids in this neighborhood are experiencing tonight.  I am not sure who is sponsoring this rolling bit of happiness, but  I want to go running out and kiss Santa myself.    Instead I call "Merry Christmas" and in turn I hear the neighbors hoot and yell the same thing! 

For years the rolling Santa has visited the neighborhoods of Bellingham MA.   Systematically he visits every house in the town and thrills kids of all ages with his door to door arrival.    Isn't it wonderful to live in a town where people take the time to make a difference in the lives of others?

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make all the difference in the world.   

Isn't it funny how it happens when you need it most?

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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